About Us

CJ Miller – CEO

Technology has always been a big part of CJ’s life. He built his first computer with his father, then quickly got more involved as the internet developed and become a part of everyday life.

CJ’s career has heavily involved technology in one way or another. His career began as a technician, installing networking and security systems. However, he quickly transitioned to an estimating role where he was more involved in the design and planning aspects.

During this role, CJ realized he had an aptitude for business development and entrepreneurship. He began to explore his love for writing through copywriting and was naturally drawn to the technical side of content.

This eventually led to the creation of Techtonic Copywriting and the building of a high-caliber team with one goal in mind – to help technology-based companies leverage the power of content marketing.

Maximiliane Smith – COO

Maximiliane Smith is a small business owner, as well as the COO of Techtonic Copywriting (TC). Right out of college, Maximiliane quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to have time freedom if she decided to go the traditional 9-5 route. Wanting the flexibility to stay home and help her family, it was clear that the entrepreneurial pathway was a better fit. 

During the pandemic, she returned to her childhood passion for writing and started off as a writer for TC. When asked to help strategize on scaling the company, Maximiliane was excited to do so. With her writing experience, she knows what makes a good article and how to support the many writers on TC’s staff.

Maximiliane has a passion for growing businesses and helping others, making her excited to serve the clients of TC in accomplishing their vision and goals, as well as scale the agency in order to serve more businesses and blockchain-based projects. 

Kayla Simmons – Writer

Kayla Simmons is a small business owner and writer for TC. Right out of college, she began her career as a paralegal providing support to attorneys in her local area. After three years in the legal industry, Kayla decided she wanted to embark on an entrepreneurial path to have more time at home with her family.

She then opened her virtual assistant business to help other entrepreneurs with their day-to-day workloads. Along the way, Kayla found her passion for writing, which is why she is honored to be a part of the TC team and provide quality content to its clients.

Enno Magara – Writer

Enno Magara has been writing for as long as he can remember. It started with simple note-taking in the classroom and quickly expanded to poetry and then copywriting. As a tech enthusiast, Enno is naturally drawn to learning about new technological innovations. He’s fascinated by what technology has been able to achieve and is excited by the possibilities it holds for the future.

Enno’s copywriting career began several years ago as a means to make extra money while attending university. However, through hard work, passion, and a little talent he has been able to turn it into a career. His immersive research process allows him to quickly grasp complex topics and understand the what’s, why’s, and how’s of a wide variety of technology.

Enno harnesses his passion for writing and technology to create top-tier content for Techtonic and its many technology-oriented clients.

Ken Jacobsen – Editor

After high school, Ken served in the United States Marine Corps. From there, he had a successful career in the casino industry, ultimately becoming a casino manager at properties in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Towards the end of his career, he went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in History, doing part of his coursework in Italy.

Ken began editing scientific research papers in 2012. After moving back to the United States, he helped an Italian colleague prepare agricultural documents for an English-speaking audience.

In 2018, Ken became a full-time freelance writer. Then, SEO was evolving from its own discipline into something everyone was expected to know. To be competitive, Ken studied SEO extensively and has stayed abreast of the constant changes in that area.

Being an aficionado of personal finance repeatedly brought Ken into contact with cryptocurrency. He has gradually added to his knowledge in that field as it has grown over the years, and is excited to watch as it continues to reshape the world we live in.

In his free time, Ken volunteers at a local animal shelter and takes care of his four pugs, Sara, Bruno, Dozer, and Jennifer.